Thursday, 14 April 2016

Teepees on TV

In a blink and you might miss it kind of way, our lovely Evie Rose teepee will make its TV debut on Tuesday 19th April at 8pm during the Channel Four documentary “The Tiny Tots Talent Agency” 

Our teepees were spotted by one of their researchers, who thought the teepees would be perfect for a new series they were about to shoot following Bizzikidz modelling agency in London.  

Generally we don’t hire models, our models are our children and other family members who we just plonk into our tents and tell to smile!  However, I thought this would be a really good opportunity for us as a company to book a child with special needs, something that is very close to my heart and an area that I feel is often underrepresented in advertising.  

Unbeknown to me, they were already following a little girl Mia, who has Down syndrome.  So when it was suggested to me that Mia might join our shoot, we were all delighted.  

Mia came along on the day with another lovely girl from bizzikidz called Millie and they joined my daughter and my neice on set.  They were both so fun and as a mother to a special needs child myself, Mia made me so proud showing that her extra chromosome does not mean she cannot strike a pose and be a great model too. 

Mia was great fun in the test shots and put all the girls at ease!

We got some fantastic shots which we have been able to use across our website and promotional material and I am delighted how even as a small company we are pushing the boundaries regarding models with special needs and let’s hope the bigger companies all follow soon.  Being unique is so beautiful and should be celebrated and shown where possible. 

Unfortunately when the footage went to edit, the direction of the series changed and our feature was not shown apart from some lovely shots at the end of the girls having a Myweeteepee tea party.  Considering they shot over 700 hours of footage, we are pretty impressed we made it that far!

It was such a great day though and we had so much fun with the crew from two four and our fantastic models and their families.  It was great to work with Bizzikidz agency too, they are super-efficient and professional and I think this will definitely come across during the programme.  The fact they had many modelling cards of children with additional needs for us to consider really showed how as a booking agency they are really supportive of our very special children getting work in the industry too.
Here are a few snap shots from the day with the crew.

This is our local high street in Wincanton where before we moved to our new bigger premises, I used to have my cute little teepee shop.  Here is Fay and Demi from two four trying to shield the sun from their eyes whilst filming the outside of the shop.  

We are so lucky that we have such a fantastic studio for our photoshoots.  It is a light airy studio in rural Dorset and the sunlight just streams in creating a great light for our images.  The children usually run around burning off steam and then happily pose in the teepees when we call them on set.

We also did a Christmas shoot which felt very strange on a sunny September day, but the children really enjoyed dressing up in their Christmas jumpers and ripping all the paper off the empty shoe boxes that I had painstakingly wrapped for the shoot!  Mia was not impressed with the empty shoe box that was for sure!

All in all it was a great day and a great shoot which showed how children who had never met each other before instinctively played and became friends over a teepee.  It would have been lovely if this had been featured in more depth but overall it was a fantastic experience, we made some lovely friends and got some amazing photos in the teepees.  

I personally am delighted just to be able to see Mia flying the flag for all those amazing children out there proving that their ability is often far bigger than their disability.


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