Sunday, 28 April 2013

A mother with a minute to herself.

Every Sunday morning, I try to wake up and come down stairs before anyone else is even awake.  There is nothing as nice to be met by a quiet and clean house with the excited anticipation that you may for one day out of seven actually get to enjoy a cup of tea when its totally hot and to eat breakfast in a sitting position and not stood, taking random spoonfuls in between making lunch boxes and putting children on school buses.
So, imagine the scene, there I was in my moment of bliss ( I am indeed very easily pleased) and I hear footsteps and one by one,  they appear.  4 Starving little faces looking at me, my minute to myself is well and truly over and 30 minutes later, I am left with soggy cereals and a luke warm cup of tea and now the dog brings me her lead!  Oh well, I tried and God loves a trier.  There is always next weekend.
Today,  I am going to be back in the postage and packaging department at teepee towers, wrapping up the lovely little teepee for freddie to arrive in time for his 1st birthday this week.  The theme of his teepee was calm, with moon and stars and it was such a lovely teepee to make.  The fabric we chose was a beautiful Clarke and Clarke Marine Stripe fabric that is timeless and classy and also photgraphed in a roll on the front of the Great British Sewing Bee book;)  You either have taste or your dont;)
This week we have had a beautiful full moon and this, as well as Freddies teepee reminded me of one of my favourite quotes.  I dont know about you, but I love quotes so here is my top five favourites on this day (they vary depending on mood and who has annoyed me)  Enjoy!

I had to add this last one, by way of justifying my big spend this week on some new scents:)

Saturday, 27 April 2013

My wee blog:)

So, I must say, I am a very lucky girl.  My husband is not only cute and lovely, but he is the complete nuts when it comes to high tech things.  I wanted a facebook page, I got one, I wanted a website, I got one and today, I mentioned that as I love to write, I might like a blog and now, I have one!    So basically, this is my test blog, so he that does the I.T can check all is working, and I can just notify you all that myweeteepee is now officially a do look out for all sorts of nonsense ramblings from me in the not so distance future, you may even enjoy them:)