Sunday, 4 October 2015

October already!!

Oh dear me, what can I say?!!  So I promised to write more frequent blogs, but once again, I kind of got a little behind, as in 6 months behind!!  However, I am delighted to say that it’s all with good reason because we have had lots of new and exciting things going on here at planet Myweeteepee!
First of all, I am going to talk pet tents!  For a long time now, we have been inundated with requests for teepees and dens for our four legged friends.  So many of you lovely customers send us pictures of your pets squatting in your children’s teepees that we decided it was proper time we launched our furry friends their very own range, we are after all a family company:)
They have been so well received and most recently you tube sensations Zoella and Alfie have featured our super gorgeous Ritzy pet tent in their Vlog after we sent their gorgeous pug Nala one for her 1st birthday. 
My youngest daughter is a huge fan of Zalfie and when she was poorly in hospital last year, it was their YouTube channel (along with the saccone joly’s!) that kept my daughter smiling.  It was a real pleasure to send a return smile to Zoe and Alfie with the gift of the teepee for their own furry baby Nala.
We are now working on new designs and a range of pet tents to suit all sizes and breeds, so watch this space for that!
Our current range of kids tents are now also available online and have been proving really popular too.  The Up Up and away teepee is currently our best seller and I am not surprised with its gorgeous little interactive pocket that a favourite toy can sit in and fly away in the balloon inspired window. 
When I was little, there was a local family who had their own hot air balloon (as you do!) During the summer months, the first thing I would often see when I opened my curtains was this giant floating balloon in front of my eyes.  I thought it was truly magical so I decided to bring my own something special from my childhood into the design of this teepee to make other children’s childhood memories magical too.
Anyway, talking of all things magic, there has been a few magic changes to Myweeteepee recently, more of that soon!!!!!
Last weekend was so much fun when we did a photoshoot for our next range of kid’s teepees, the whole day was filmed by a TV production company and we should be on your screens later this year!
The new range however will be on our website in a couple of weeks and you will be able to see the brilliant pictures from the shoot too so watch this space……………
Wish you all a wonderful October and remember, you have the whole of this month to sign up to the take two payment plan for guaranteed Christmas delivery J

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